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Details Second-Grade-Super-Scholar-Super-Scholar-Workbook

SCHOOL ZONE-Super Scholar Workbook. This workbook has a variety of activities to help your child learn! Simple instructions; colorful illustrations and entertaining activities will help your child develop important readiness skills; gain confidence ...

75,41 EUR*
Details German-Scholars-in-Exile-New-Studies-in-Intellectual-History-Perspectives-on-Modern-Society-and-Culture

German Scholars in Exile German Scholars in Exiledeals with intellectuals who fled Nazi Germany and found refuge in either the United States or in American Services in Great Britain and post-WWII Germany. The volume focuses on scholars who were ...

26,08 EUR*
Details Oxford-of-Today-A-Manual-for-Prospective-Rhodes-Scholars-Ed-for-the-Alumni-Association-of-American-Rhodes-Scholars

Lang:- eng, Pages 338. Reprinted in 2013 with the help of original edition published long back[1922]. This book is in black & white, Hardcover, sewing binding for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Dust Cover, Printed on high quality Paper ...

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Details Forced-Migration-and-Scientific-Change-Emigr-German-Speaking-Scientists-and-Scholars-after-1933-Emigre-German-Speaking-Scientists-and-Scholars-of-the-German-Historical-Institute

Forced Migration and Scientific Change Examines the impact on the scienctific world of the forced exodus of Jewish intellectuals from Nazi Germany. Full description

18,56 EUR*
Details Josquin-Despez-The-Tallis-Scholars-sing-Josquin

Josquin Des Prés : Messes Pange Lingua, "La sol fa re mi", L'homme armé Super voces musicales & Sexti toni - Praeter rerum seriem - Ave Maria / The Tallis Scholars, dir. Peter Phillips